Dating requirements

I live in the Marina, and I work in finance. I love movies, bullfights, church, Jesus, and fine dining. I am looking for a white guy who makes at least k a year, preferably as a stock broker or something like that. He should also be a Christian, and believe that Jesus is our savior. And frequently make reference to Jesus, without hesitation or embarrassment, since we both know this is a Christian country.

Whether he practices the teachings of Jesus is irrelevant. But we want to command respect, and I think if we carry our bibles around we can at least get moral high ground by using the whole Christian trump card thing when people disagree with us. Also- you should be attractive, own at least one cell phone, wear one of those headsets around while walking in the city, but not while driving, and wear nice clothes. A complete disdain for the poor and the homeless would help too.

Time for some therapy bro. This list describes my ideal woman. Except for the part about fat chicks The problem with the list is that he implies that he is looking for a long term relationship.

dating requirements

The feminists get upset because almost everything on his list is superficial so they say he should burn in a fire. You should love women for their minds, not their bodies. Anything else is considered objectification. The easiest way to stop women from being objectified is to overeat.

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Have you heard of this polyamory shit Tom? All the cool feminists are doing it. I have a feminist friend who is all into polyamory. She is married with two kids.

Check Out This Man’s Crazy Dating Criteria List – The Bert Show

She says her husband is financially abusive and she complains about this on Facebook. This is financial abuse. Think of what a game killer this is. He has two kids, a wife, and her live in boyfriend to support.

What is he supposed to do now? He was essentially forced to agree to this polyamory bullshit. Only a cuckhold would sign up for one of these relationships through his own volition. You should do a show on this polyamory phenomena.

Aka, if you do NOT want to get married, it is the default position of men and women everywhere, pretty much. Date date date, get involved a bit with a few.. Pretty shallow form of Poly, but still. Jonesing for the "likes": Though it may seem like a silly request, not endorsing something our significant others posted on social media can have IRL consequences.

That's in no small part because, man, do we like when people like our shit. That likely doubly applies when you get a like from someone you're actually in love with. Those "likes" can be a thrill because they validate our relationship to the world. They can also, for better or for worse, be a way of seeking validation of your partner's feelings and respect for you. Why didn't you "like" me? The problem is that our thirst for likes can become a major relationship buzzkill.

‘You’ve been drafted into The League’

I showed it to him IRL and he laughed. But I'm still waiting on the like. I'm sort of just like, 'What's wrong? Did I not look good? Because, I hope, he likes all of me. She has been on the waitlist for The League since February. He too lives in Silicon Valley. Daniel Ratcliffe, 25, also did not have to wait too long before making it into The League. I was like No 11, and I thought: I am not sure what their criteria is for accepting members.

Ratcliffe said he wondered if he would get in — after all, he did not attend an Ivy League college. He, too, likes that his dating profile on The League looks more professional and that he is able to connect with other hard-working people his age. It would just be a waste of both of our time if he is racist. I have a little bit of a cynical view on online dating. For those tired of waiting, there are other options like BeLinked , which has more than 50, users in more than counties.

In addition to BeLinked, there are apps for those looking for an even more niche dating app than The League. Among them is Luxy , self-described as Tinder without the poor people. The identity of the CEO has not been disclosed and he is known simply as Tim T due to the negative attention such apps can attract.