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And, it seems, an investment to meet that special person is one that her clients are willing to make.

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Once a month, the Durban-based Dorse travels to South Africa's major cities in search of top-notch professional clients to add to her books. But having a great career, a fat bank account and all the trimmings does not mean you automatically qualify, especially if you are substantial around the waist. Dorse is looking for perfection - people who exude life and wealth but have not connected with the love of their life.

But Corporate Dating is aimed only at professionals who are successful, well-travelled, sociable and have balance in their lives but have just not found that important person to enjoy life with," says Dorse. In an age where gender equality is the buzz word and women are striving to be taken seriously by their male counterparts in all spheres of life, Dorse's fundamentals seem bizarre and even outdated.

She advises women to be more feminine, less aggressive and set their boardroom personas aside when on a date. A man is a breeder looking for a pretty woman to breed with. So a man will lust at you because of your looks, get to know you, and then show his respect by marrying you. With women it is the other way round - looks do not matter as much. Strangely, her approach does not seem to scare her would-be clients and she manages to see up to about 20 people a day and signs an average of 80 a month, all of them willing to part with R1 for an opportunity to meet and fall in love with the partner of their dreams.

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Dorse has been running her agency for six years and credits its success to its exclusivity - catering strictly for the higher end of the market. The first step is a telephone interview where she vets individuals. If they meet her requirements, they are invited to a minute one-on-one interview, usually held in a five-star hotel suite.


Here she will assess the clients' needs, personality, interests, hobbies, lifestyle and religious beliefs so that she is able to introduce them to like-minded individuals. People with a history of abuse, those carrying "emotional baggage" and overweight women are turned down and told to sort themselves out before they can become members of Corporate Dating.

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She says she usually asks women if they are happy with their weight, and if the answer is no she tells them she cannot help. Asked whether men are not interested in fat women, she jokes that most men fear that a fat woman will roll over and squash them in bed.

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